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Cast: Annie Howard, Ben Franczuszki, Cat Limket

Writer, Producer and Directer:  Raj Rohit Reddy

Music: Pinar Akbay

Cinematography: Gordon Lake

Editing: Raj Rohit Reddy, Erica Ford and Laura Riccota

Genre:  Thriller


An edgy Bipolar patient ditched by his fiancée. An indifferent psychiatrist relying solely on meds.  One session that changes their lives forever. 


Original Score:











Saudade - Pinar Akbay
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Forever - Pinar Akbay
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How Does That Make You Feel?

Writer:  Raj Rohit Reddy & Nick Schaedel

Director: Raj Rohit Reddy

Producer:  Rohit Govardhanam

Cinematography:  Jake Gibson

Genre: Comedy


A marriage counselor comes up with an innovative approach for his clients, while dealing with his own demons.

How Does That Make You Feel_.jpg
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